Winter is Here

Winds of Change with it . . .

send a message of support to and you will be added to our mailing list. As we move into the first of the coming year, 2018, we will be launching our new web based platform.


Join us as the adventure continues . . .



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    Welcome to the new TRC 2.0

    To the Family & Friends of the TRC,

    During these summer months, the new TRC 2.0 project is ready for full operations and some of the components have been used by our preferred clientele. We have been getting great feedback which is helping us prepare to fully implement our new platforms live. Beginning this month each week we will roll out a new component, take a look and let us know what you think.

    Four projects launched into full Final Beta are apart of our

    "Active Networking Platforms"

    In the coming weeks we will offer links to organizations that are working in the community and we would hope that you will lend them your support. We will also continue to serve as a source of information and knowledge as we move to the web and launch TRC 2.0 Live

    Join Us As The Adventure Continues . . .

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    Fairy Tales DO Come True - Check Out the ZeekRewards Compounder!