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    I Stand In Opposition


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    "As a result of my experiences from the last several years I have realized I am in, at my core, in complete opposition to many of the forces operating in today's society."


    After having tried to take care to do things "the right way" based on societal norms, I grew up watching on television, hearing on the radio or reading in the newspaper all my life.  I am shocked at how twisted America seems to be, and that is why I am forced to take a stand, I stand in opposition.


    It has taken me a long time to feel the need, you know, that burning in the pit of your stomach that says I have to give voice to this feeling, I have to give this feeling life.  There is a deep sense of responsibility to finally speak up and take a stand.  Throughout my adult working life I have always followed the rules and done as I had been told.  Even as I tried to establish a home and family life that would reflect my desire to live the fabled "American Dream", at every turn there have been challenges.  Yet after each set back, I just took it as a lesson, believing it must have been me, I wasn't strong enough, I didn't know enough, I didn't have enough money, I didn't know the right people and as so many others before me, I continued to struggle.  Sure I have had various levels of success, but that breakthrough has always eluded me.  So I just tried harder and harder until I poured everything I had into my dream.  In spite of the additional efforts I continued to fall short.  Just to be clear, I need to paint a picture of how hard I tried.  I tried when I got married and attempted to purchase a home with no money down techniques, as the access to credit was so limited to people like me.  In true fearless fashion I was able to use some old equipment which was being discarded by a client I had been upgrading and used it as collateral in lieu of a down payment and my wife and I had a house.  Unfortunately, the demands of marriage and the responsibilities of home life as well as the fact that the company I was hired to support went out of business, I was unable to sustain the home and had to downsize. 


    Then I was called to help a small community college four states away from where I lived, but it was an incredible opportunity to follow that dream once again.  For over nine years I drove over two hundred fifty miles to and from this new challenge every week.  After nine years the project was done but so was my marriage.  Yet again, I rose to the challenge and I took over a 6300 square foot empty space and created a technology resource center in the heart of a downtown area in a small town just outside of NYC, ten minutes from the GWB.  I had created a space that included two multi-media conference rooms, a training suite, eight small office suites for sublease, a public space for internet access, an electronic gallery in the front and a data center in the rear of this one stop shop type facility.  In spite of a town politic leaning heavily against me, and in spite of eighteen months of the street in front of my business being closed due to construction directly across the street from my business four days out of every week for over eighteen months, in spite of a slip and fall injury requiring fusion surgery on my neck, and in spite of the economic collapse just as we elected our first African American President my business survived and only at the end when the financial system collapsed and I had no access to the capital I needed and after over half a million dollars of investing in my dream, I just could not cover the fifteen thousand dollars a month cost just to keep the doors open.  Just after the president was elected the bottom fell out from under me and I was in free fall.  One thing after another, I lost the home I had been leasing with an option to buy, I lost my business, I lost my mom to Alzheimer's and I lost all sense of worth and self respect.  It was a scary time for me and I did not know what to do with my life.


    Then once again I had to rise in opposition to the negative forces in my life and I would come to salvage what I could from my past and relocate.  For the next four years I would wallow in self-pity, despair and depression.  I found it hard to function at almost any level.  If it wasn't for an old friend I might not have made it through.  They gave me support when I needed it most and I will forever be grateful.  During this time I was able to appreciate with pride our President and his wonderful family. 


    Unfortunately, the strong coalition that carried the president into the White House stayed home during the mid term elections and brought to congress an ill wind.  This would be added to the already staunch opposition to the President left over from his first term, lead by a minority leader that stated, "... his number one job is to make this president a one term president...” At every turn this new coalition would filibuster in the Senate and with the now emboldened majority in the House of Representatives, thwarted this president at every turn.  During the past three years there has been no rhyme or reason, just blind opposition to this President.  Disrespect and contempt for an American President once thought to be unthinkable has become commonplace.  Now after five years of conscience, co-coordinated and comprehensive opposition to any proposal, initiative or suggestion made by this President, it is time for someone to speak up and take a stand.  And so in the spirit of speaking truth to power, I Rise in Opposition and as I do I invite anyone interested in seeing things really change for the better, join me.