With the Fall

comes a new wind,

Winds of Change . . .

it begin with just a breeze . . .

send a message of support to mail@allholdings.com and you will be added to our mailing list. As we move into the second half of this year, we will be launching our new web based platform.


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Welcome to the new

TRC 2.0 Digital Media Network Platform

Payment Gateway

The payment gateway solution was created to facilitate safe and easy payment for products, services, donations, and contributions utilizing the most up to date and secured technology there is to date.


Information Technolgy Specialist providing customized consulting solutions designed to create results for specific and unique challenges.


Digital Media Group provides development, design, management and distribution of customized dgital content across all platforms.

With the creation of a technical financial management system and a governance body, financial technicalities as well as financial backstop against expenditures, project overruns, partner development, and clientele financing joint project development in addition to in house products and service financial requirement, projections and expenditures will be closely monitor and kept within project projected approved budget.

As an example of our Digital Management solution— recreation of the newsletter, magazine, and future eBook series have been created and available to you via our Digital Platform, working with our DMG partner. In the future, we will be offering these solutions as a service. Our The first edition has already been sent out to our user community and is available for download. This first edition will also be included in our coming membership package.

E Newsletter

In 2015, we are returning to our Legacy pool of resources and we are making investments in these resources going forward to offer new and exciting resources. This will form the corner stone of our new and exciting digital platform by establishing digital versions of those legacy resources as well as additional digital tools.

Community Forum

(Coming Soon)

Access to a formal digital platform for the origination, production, managment and distribution of commuinty forum content from local community events as well as inhouse events and partner organizations events.

EGallery (Coming Soon)
The Training Suite (Coming Soon)
Faith Over Fear Foundation (Coming Soon)

Join Us As The Adventure Continues . . .

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